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1movies: Everyone loves binge-watching their favorite show or movie in peace. And to be honest, it is the perfect way of spending a long boring weekend that might as well just go to waste.

But, no one wants to blow their hard-earned money on a movie that provides them with only a few hours of entertainment. If you want to get your hands on the latest movies and television shows without burning a single penny out of your pocket, then you have come to the right place.

What is 1movies?

We introduce you to 1movies, a platform that provides high-quality streaming services including movies, TV shows, and other entertainment media. With a lot of features, 1movies offers an incredible experience to its users.


Users can watch their favorite shows with ease. And the best part, 1movies won’t cost them a buck. It is a great platform for avid movie freaks as paying for every unit may result in a hole in their pockets. 

1movies has a large database that includes everything that you need, whether it be the latest TV show or an old classic Hollywood movie.

The service is free for everyone, which means, anyone with an active internet connection can access the countless hours of entertainment right from their device.

In addition to an amazing user interface, 1movies has a rich collection of latest shows, movies, and other entertainment stuff. Users can register and watch their favorite movies directly from the browser.


This doesn’t mean that the registration is mandatory. A user can watch movies or shows without giving their details. However, for those who are regularly active on 1movies, we suggest creating a free account. 

Having an account will monitor all the movies or shows that you’ve watched, ones that you like and the ones that you don’t.

1movies also provides a recommended list based on your previous watch history. This is an amazing feature for binge-watchers as you won’t have to waste your time in deciding what to watch next.

In this article, we will try to cover almost everything related to 1movies, its features, how to access 1movies, and its alternatives.

Features of 1movies

1movies is packed with a number of features that they offer to their users for free. We will discuss each one of them in this section.

Amazing user interface

As mentioned above, 1movies provides a breath-taking experience to their users, thanks to their amazing user interface. With the clean and sleek design of the website, almost anyone can get to know their way around the website.

The navigation panel is easy to spot and has all the necessary links to important web pages. The homepage is divided into multiple sections such as – Latest Movies, Featured Movies, and Latest TV Series. 


The movies and shows are displayed in well-formatted cards that are aligned perfectly on the screen. The in-browser player is also up to the mark and is highly appreciable. 

Users can also filter their search results to find the appropriate movie or show of their choice.

No payment required

The major drawback of any other streaming platforms that claim to be free is that they put other hidden charges for the things that you may not even use. But, 1movies is way better than those. There are no hidden charges and all of the content is available for free to all of the users. 

Users can stream movies and shows of their choice without even creating an account. There are no restrictions for guest users and they are provided all the services that a registered user has access to.

A huge database of movies and shows

It has a vast collection of movies and TV shows ranging from classic Hollywood movies to the latest television shows. The database is updated almost daily. Also, there is a Request Movie/Show feature that can be used by anyone to request their favorite movie. 

High quality streaming on the go

The content presented on 1movies is of high quality and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Users can create a free account and add movies to favorites. 

1movies HD Quality

The website has two quality modes – HD (high definition) and CAM (camera print). Every result card has a tag that provides details about content quality. The majority of the movies and shows have HD print quality and can be streamed on the go.

Is 1movies safe?

The 1movies website is completely safe to use. The website offers high-quality streaming services that can be accessed by anyone.

However, as the website has advertisements placed on its website, those advertisements may redirect you to some malicious website.

These websites can then install malware on your system. We suggest you download antivirus software and a VPN on your system.

So, it is advised that you take the necessary precautions before visiting the website.

Use Pop-Up Blockers

The majority of internet browsers support the installation of pop-up blockers. There are countless pop-up blockers available on the internet for free. We recommend you to install one for your safety on the internet.

Most of the browsers have inbuilt popup blockers that you can enable. Apart from those, some of the popular pop-up blockers are listed below.

  1. AdBlock
  2. Privacy Badger
  3. Adfender
  4. Smart Pop-up Blocker
  5. AdMuncher

Is 1movies banned?

Currently, 1movies may or may not be banned depending on the demographics of your country.

Why was 1movies banned?

1movies is banned frequently by the government because of the content it provides to its users. The Telecom department of the country imposes a copyright infringement on the website, resulting in the shutdown of the website.

However, the owners of the website keep changing domains and streaming servers to prevent the website from ban again.

How to access 1movies?

The official website URL for 1movies was https://1movies.tv.

You can visit the website using the link given above. However, if the website is not working, there may be a case that the owners migrated the website to a new domain.

1movies Error

Read the section Working Links and 1movies Proxy to get details on the active domains.

Working links and 1movies proxy

1movies website is active on a number of proxy domains. In the table below, we have provided details of every 1movies proxy website that is currently active.

1movies ProxiesResponseLinks
1movies.laVery Fast
1movies.cloudVery Fast
1movies.isVery Fast
1movies.chVery Fast
1movies.plVery Fast
1Movies UnblockedFast
1movies Unblocked
UK Proxy
Very Fast
UK Proxy
Hideoxy ProxyVery Fast
Hideoxy Proxy
US Proxy
FastUS Proxy
1movies.liveVery Fast
Fast Drama
FastFast Drama
CouchtunerVery Fast

How to remove ads on 1movies?

Aforementioned, 1movies has a lot of annoying advertisements on its website. And to be honest, no one likes ads in between their watch hours. They ruin the whole experience.

Advertisements on the website include banners, posters, and other annoying pop-ups. However, you can get rid of those advertisements on the website.

There are two ways to remove ads on the website. Each one of them has its own pros and cons.

Use Ad Blocker

Internet browsers use a special plugin/software to remove ads from websites. You can also install an ad blocker on your desktop to get rid of those irritating advertisements on the website.

Here are some of the best ad blockers that you can try right now.

For Desktop

  1. AdBlock
  2. CyberWeb by NordVPN
  3. CleanWeb by SurfShark
  4. R.O.B.E.R.T
  5. CyberGhost

For Android

  1. AdClear
  2. AdGuard
  3. Adaway
  4. DNS66
  5. AdLock

Buy Premium Membership

1movies also has a premium feature that provides some additional benefits to the subscribers. One of them is “No Advertisements”. If you are really into movies, we recommend purchasing the premium membership.

The 1movies Premium costs around 5 dollars per month. That’s roughly the cost of a coffee. It will provide you a complete ad-free movie experience.

Benefits of 1movies Premium

As mentioned above, 1movies Premium has a number of benefits that any user can avail for only 5$ per month. Apart from 0 ads, the premium membership has some additional benefits. These are:

Download Access

Users with a premium account can download their favorite movie and shows in high quality. It is an amazing feature if you want to store content on your local storage. This feature is a helping hand for all the travelers.

Improved Content Quality

Although the website offers high-quality content to all its users. However, when someone buys a premium membership, 1movies offers them improved content quality.

Fast and Secure Servers

The free 1movies servers are decent enough to support a thousand users simultaneously. As there is less amount of premium users, 1movies has additional servers for them. The servers are fast and more secure than the normal ones.

Additional Search and Filters

The website offers convenient search filters to its premium users. With this feature, users can search for their favorite movie or show within a few clicks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is 1movies?

A. 1 movies is a platform that provides high-quality streaming services including movies, TV shows, and other entertainment media. With a lot of features, it offers an incredible experience to its users.

Q. Is 1movies banned?

A. Currently, the website may or may not be banned depending on the demographics of your country.

Q. Why was 1movies banned?

A. The website is banned frequently by the government because of the content it provides to its users. The Telecom department of the country imposes a copyright infringement, resulting in the shutdown of the website.

Q. Is 1 movies safe?

A. The website is completely safe to use. However, the ads may redirect you to some malicious websites. It is recommended that you take proper precautions before accessing the website.

Q. How to access 1 movies?

A. The official website URL was https://1movies.tv. However, if the website is not working, you can refer to the Working Links and 1movies Proxies section in this article.

Q. How much does 1movies Premium cost?

A. The premium subscription costs just 5 dollars per month.


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