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Textsheet used to be one of the most visited web education portals before it was taken down by Chegg. It was a one-stop-shop for school and college students and helped them in homework, assessments and project work.

Unfortunately, Textsheet had to stop its operations and shut down its site due to illegal hosting of content on its platform. But, if you are worried about completing your homework, try these 5 textsheet alternatives and put all your worries aside.

What is Textsheet?

Aforementioned, Textsheet was an online educational portal that used to help a million of college and school students with their homework, assessments, and project needs.

As you all know, Textsheet had no right over the content that they used to serve their visitors. The content was consistently scraped from various other educational platforms such as Chegg Answers. Chegg was a subscription-based service whereas the Textsheet website used to provide free homework solutions to students.


Textsheet used to provide homework answers, assignments, and solutions to the Chegg online practice papers. It is known that the solutions were rendered using a Chegg API that used to scrape the essential data from the Chegg website.

Why is Textsheet down?

Currently, the official Textsheet website is down due to the DMCA and Copyright infringements that Chegg imposed on them. The website was then forced to shut down and erase all the content it used to serve.

The website used to provide solutions to certain Chegg problems that were scraped using the Chegg Question link entered by the user. Textsheet utilized a Chegg API that used to find solutions to the given problems without burning any bucks. Chegg became aware of this and forced Textsheet to shut down their services.

Textsheet website had an easy to use interface that provided a fabulous experience to the students. The design was uncluttered and sleek. Users would enter the Chegg question link into a  section, and the Textsheet Chegg API would then present them with a detailed and well-written solution to the problem.

Best Textsheet Alternatives

The Textsheet website has been completely erased from the internet. That means, no one can access the website using alternate URL, proxy, or a VPN.

Luckily, there are uncountable alternatives for Textsheet available on the internet. We have found 5 such websites that provide the same services as Textsheet. Note that the list contains free as well as paid alternatives.

Below is the list of the best Textsheet alternatives that one must try.

  1. Chegg
  2. CourseHero
  3. Crazy For Study
  4. Slader
  5. Paper Help

We will discuss each of these alternatives in great detail, If you want to access these websites, we have provided URLs for the same.


Undoubtedly, the best alternative to Textsheet is Chegg itself. Textsheet used to get the solutions using Chegg API and presented them to the users for free.

textsheet alternatives

Chegg is an American educational platform that has its primary focus on providing materials for highschool and college students. Chegg offers homework problems, assessment solutions, and project works to the students. The website also provides online papers for students to sharpen their minds.

Sadly, Chegg is a paid service and demands a registration fee. The fee is then utilized as costs for all their services. Students can buy books, practice papers, get free questions, and homework advice.

Course Hero

Course Hero is an online educational platform that provides assessment and homework services associated with students. The website has more than 25 million courses related to almost every academic field. Course Hero is a no-brainer for all the college students who need help regarding their homework and assignments.

Course Hero offers 24/7 online homework help to its users. However, the service is not free. The website has several packages that must be purchased to avail benefits. Students can also upload their study materials to get units known as “Unlocks”. These Unlocks can then be used to unlock study material and other services.

textsheet alternatives

If you are not willing to pay, then you’ll have to upload at least 10 study materials. This will provide you with 5 Unlock points which can be used to avail other services.

Crazy For Study 

Crazy for Study is another alternative to Textsheet that made it to our list. The website offers homework tips, practice question papers, and all the other types of academics stuff to the students.


The website has a vast collection of textbooks that students can rent to polish up their learning skills. Crazy for Study is a paid service and demands a small subscription fee from its users.

Slader [FREE]

Moving further down on our list, we present you the Slader. Slader is an independent online educational platform and is quite popular among the students of the United States. The syllabus is dedicated to the United States academics. This is one of the best free alternatives to Textsheet.

textsheet alternatives

The website is completely free to use, however, users can encounter annoying advertisements now and then. Slader offers solutions to several problems and books. Students can enter the subject or topic name, and get uncountable ideas in a matter of seconds.

The user interface of the website is clean and minimalistic. You will get the hang of it in a couple for hours. Slader also has a registration feature that can be used to save questions and favorite topics. Users have the choice to either register or surf the platform as a guest.

Paper Help

If you’re into the Research and submission field, then Paper Help is the best choice for you. The website offers research paper writing services to its users. Paper Help has a package for all, independent of the user expertise.


A user has to pay a small amount of fee to be able to avail of the benefits. The website does not assist with homework, assignments, or projects. This is because the owners wanted to devote this platform to Research Papers completely. As mentioned above, they have packages for everyone such as high school students, college graduates, university applicants, and Ph.D. scholars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is TextSheet?

A: Textsheet was an online educational portal that used to help a million of college and school students with their homework, assessments, and project needs.

Q: Is Textsheet illegal?

A: The content that was presented on the Textsheet website was not owned by Textsheet not did they have permission to use the content. The content belonged to Chegg and using it without Chegg’s permission is illegal.

Q: Why was Textsheet shut down?

A: The content that was presented on the website was not owned by Textsheet not did they have permission to use the content. Chegg then forced the Textsheet website to shut down.

Final Words

So, that was our take on Textsheet and its alternatives. Textsheet is an online educational portal that used to provide a solution for home-work and assignment assistance to their users. The website was taken down by Chegg because of copyright infringement on the content. The website used to scrape and render the information using Chegg’s API.

With Textsheet down now, users have no choice but to settle for its alternatives. Luckily, there are several Textsheet alternatives on the internet. Some of them are Course Hero, Paper Help, Crazy for Study, Slader, and Chegg itself.


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