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Torrentmovies: Back in the old days, people used to prefer watching movies or shows on Television, and that primitive way of entertaining ourselves have carried through generations now.

Watching movies and shows is the best way of passing your free time, and it will be in the future as well. But there are enough drawbacks to watching TV that people get irritated easily.

In this modern time, people don’t like anything that slows them down or make them wait. While watching anything on TV, you always get interrupted by ads.

But nowadays, with everyone having a smartphone and internet connection, it has become very simple to get access to vast platforms to download or stream movies and shows.

Here, today we are going to talk about TorrentMovies, which is famous for its reliability and flexibility. This is a torrent website that gives you early and easy access to your favorite and latest movies. To know about this website’s features or how to access this website, follow this article further and you’ll know everything.


TorretMovies is a specific torrent website for Indian users. This website presents all kinds of content one can look for. TorrentMovies is a one-stop site for you to download all sorts of movies available in dual-audios. You can find Hindi, English, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu movies easily on TorrentMovies. This feature is not accessible on every other website. There are many other websites available, but they fail to accommodate this much content.


Though TorrentMovies doesn’t present the efficiency to stream anything, you can download and watch movies and series offline without any buffering. This website grants you all the potential links available to local content.

This characteristic of containing almost all sorts of local content and vastness of contents available on TorrentMovies gives it a huge fan base on the internet.

TorrentMovies never fails to disappoint its users, and this is the only thing that has kept it alive for years. Users have also given good ratings and reviews to this website because of its flexibility. One special thing noticed about TorrentMovies, which is loved by users, is that it provides good quality content along with small-sized files. Even really long movies can be found in a small-sized file, with good quality.

If you are looking forward to using TorrentMovies, you should know more about this website. Stay tuned and continue reading this article to find out more exciting things about TorrentMovies.

Features of TorrentMovies

If you’ve reached this far, then you must have been thinking about acquiring some more knowledge about this website before you start using it. TorrentMovies is the most convenient source for you to be used as a movie downloading website. Here, we are going to discuss some interesting features of TorrentMovies, so without wasting much time, let’s jump right into it.

  1. You don’t need to sign-up or log-in on the website to use it, which frees you from the trouble of remembering your password.
  2. You don’t even need to share your phone number or email on TorrentMovies, which lets your privacy stay non-interfered.
  3. Stunning arrangement and representation of movies are easy to navigate through the website.
  4. The latest movies and shows links are available very early on this website.
  5. The user interface used by this website is so simple and easy to use.
  6. All the content available on this website is free and can be downloaded whenever you want.
  7. You can find all kinds of content on this website, whether it’s local or international.

These are some prominent and exciting features of TorrentMovies that you should have known before using it. Now that you have known about its features, you should know some more things about this website, and we guarantee you this information is going to be useful for you, which are discussed below.

Is TorrentMovies Banned?

The content rendered by TorrentMovies is illegal and pirated which makes the government forbid it very often. This website has been banned lots of times in the past, but developers keep the website up for its users by changing its domain regularly.

The copyright issue because of the copyrighted content provided by the website makes it difficult for its developers to prevent it from getting banned, and it gets banned regularly.

But is there any way to access TorrentMovies even if it is banned? The answer is YES. If you are thinking about how then, you should follow on and continue reading to find out.

How to Access TorrentMovies?

To use TorrentMovies efficiently, you might need some more information than usual websites as it keeps getting banned. To prevent it from getting banned, developers keep changing their domain, but that doesn’t work for much longer. So what do we need to do to access this website without facing any trouble? Stick with us to get all your answers.

NOTE– Try using VPN to access this website first before using the given steps.

It might look a bit difficult to understand, but if you follow our steps, you can access TorrentMovies without having much trouble.

  1. Head over to the Wayback Machine.
  2. Now, in the given URL box enter “” without quotation marks.
  3. Hit Enter and wait for a calendar to appear on your screen.torrentmovies
  4. Now that calendar has appeared, you can select a specific year, let’s say 2015. This will open the archive of the website from 2015.
  5. A calendar with dates when the snapshots were taken will appear on the screen.

The dates with the blue circle, represent the time when snapshots were taken of TorrentMovies by Wayback Machine.

That’s it, accessing TorrentMovies is easy for you now, and you can use the arrows places above to toggle between snapshots of TorrentMovies.

How to Download Movies from TorrentMovies?

It takes just a few seconds to download anything from TorrentMovies which are available on the website. If you are facing some difficulty while downloading movies from TorrentMovies, just follow these steps, and you’ll be fine.

  1. The very first thing you need to do is that you should download a torrent downloader application on your device, whether you are using your Laptop/PC or your Mobile Phone.
  2. Head over to the website.
  3. Search whatever you want to download.
  4. You’ll find two movie download buttons when you will scroll down the page, though we recommend you use Magnet Button to start the download.

Alternatives of TorrentMovies

As the website gets a ban very often, you should learn about some more similar websites, which will help you in some critical conditions.


Moviesda is the best suitable replacement of TorrentMovies as it provides almost all content available on the former website.torrentmovies


Movie4me also provides all the content available on TorrentMovies except that it also provides you a variety of quality options.torrentmovies


This provides you all the Bollywood and Hollywood content along with all the local content too. This is not a torrent movies download

These three are the best alternatives of TorrentMovies available and if the website is not accessible sometimes, you can also use them as they provide the same content and ease to download Movies or Shows.


This is all you need to know about TorrentMovies. So far, we discussed features and how to download anything from the website. We discussed whether if it is banned or not and we told you about all the possible ways to access TorrentMovies.


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