How To Fix Ps4 DNS Error – 3 Ways

Usually, if there is any DNS error existing in your Wi-Fi or LAN settings, then you may end up getting this PS4 DNS error on your screen. You will be displayed the error code NW-31253-4 if your PS4 detected some sort of LAN or Wi-Fi problem.

 Being a very annoying issue that can give the player no access to their PlayStation or their services if not resolved. Players generally face trouble while fixing this problem as it is a bit difficult to understand why the PS4 DNS error happens or how to go about and solve it.

Many even try to play some tricks on their own to resolve the DNS server error on PS4 and end up with a jar full of more problems on their way so it is better to read up and research on why the DNS error happens.

Few reasons which we have gathered after some research are listed below:

  • Internet connectivity problems.
  • Changes in the network.
  • PS4 trying to plot the old configurations on the new configuration which has failed.

Before proceeding with this article that will give you a complete guide on how to solve a DNS error that has occurred in PS4, you must make sure that there are no connection issues between your PS4 and your internet service provider.

Why does PS4 DNS Error Occur?

Let us understand the concept of what exactly is DNS server not responding to PS4 or the DNS error on PS4. DNS is known as Domain Name System that helps to connect the web browser to various websites via the IP addresses.

If your DNS server has some errors, then your internet connection fails with your PS4 and displays an error code, namely NW-31253-4. The DNS error can also occur if your PS4 is trying to switch back to the old configurations if you have changed your network settings to a new one.

There are also other PS4 DNS related errors which we will brief out here to have a more clear picture of what issue we are dealing with:

  • If there is a false DNS server connection then you will be displayed by the error code PS4 DNS error NW-33986-9.
  • If there is a network error but not related to your DNS then you will be displayed by the error code PS4 DNS error NW-31251-2.
  • If there is an internet connection problem then you will be displayed by the error code PS4 DNS error CE-33986-9.

So, before reading on with the article on how to fix the DNS server not responding to PS4, you must figure out what kind of error code is being displayed on your console.

How can you fix PS4 a DNS error has occurred?

We have listed here three different methods which will help you solve the DNS server error on PS4:

1. Configure DNS manually [NW-31253-4, NW-31254-5, NW-31250-1 & NW-31246-6]

Since there are numerous DNS services you can choose from, changing your current DNS to any other available on the internet will help you fix the DNS error on your PS4. You can either opt for a free DNS service or buy a premium one to go with. 

In changing your DNS server, it will also limit your IP address recognition so you need to make a proper DNS change to be able to access your PS4 services.

You can set up the DNS service manually to fix the PS4 DNS error by following the given steps:

  • Turn the PS4 console on by pressing the power button.
  • Go to the Settings option.
  • Select the Network option.
  • Select the Setup Internet Connection option.
  • Choose the type of internet connection you want from either LAN or WiFi.
  • Connect your router and click on Custom Setting.
  • From the IP address setting option, select Automatic.
  • From the DNS setting option, select Manual.
  • Enter the Default DNS address and press the Next button.
  • Select Automatic and do not use the option from the server.

If the PS4 DNS error is still showing up, then you may reset your PS4 settings.

2. Reset the PS4 settings

The most basic technique you can carry out to fix any issue in your PS4 and also the PS4 DNS error is by resetting your console. It technically can fix almost any problem that your PS4 is giving you which includes the DNS disconnection.

Before resetting your PS4, you must take care of all the data which needs to be backed up to not end up losing any important files from your console as it can also erase game data and give you another issue to handle alone. 

To reset your PS4, follow the given steps below:

  • Turn your console off.
  • Disconnect all the devices linked to your PS4 and unplug all the wirings including your router.
  • Let your PS4 be in this state for several minutes.
  • Reconnect the devices and cables and power on your console.
  • Enter the safe mode on your console by pressing the power button until u hear two beeps.
  • Select restore default settings.

3. Online Support Troubleshooter

The PS4 support tool that Sony has created is called “Fix & connect” and it can help resolve the various connectivity issues that the device is experiencing. It is an easily accessible online support troubleshooter by Sony which can help you with the DNS server error on PS4.

This tool has gained a lot of praise from console users facing DNS connection issues and thus can be the last resort to the problem if none of the other steps mentioned in the article work.

You can access the page link given here and follow the steps on the support page to get your DNS server error-free again:


We have discussed the three methods to be used to fix a DNS error that has occurred on your PS4. With the given solutions, you can make sure that your PS4 does not have any connection problems anymore, and then you can enjoy your games without your console looping on the DNS error page.

FAQs On PS4 DNS Error 

How to Solve PS4 DNS Error NW-31253-4?

If you have any network connection faults, then try and reconnect to your router to fix the PS4 DNS error. If this does not work then you may reset your PS4 or use the Fix and Connect tool provided by Sony.

What is a DNS error nw-31253-4 ps4?

It is an error referring to an issue with your DNS setting. This usually arises when your network fails to connect to your console thus you see this DNS error on your screen. 

To fix this problem, you can manually reset the DNS settings by changing your DNS servers to the ones available on Google and rerun your PS4.

What does nw-31253-4 mean on ps4?

It is a PS4 DNS error that indicates that there is a connectivity issue in your router or some DNS server problem. You can try and fix this by giving a restart to your PS4 and checking your router. If the method does not work then you may get help from Sony’s support page.

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