How To Get Discord On PS4 [Complete Guide]

Discord has become one of the most popular applications for gamers to connect over. With a massive reach all across the globe, it is an easily accessible application over which one can share audio, video, images, clips as well as create and manage servers and voice channels.

Now, it is easy to install discord on your computer but like most would think getting discord on the console is impossible, it is not.

The following article will give you a detailed guide on how to get discord on PS4.

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Can I Connect My Discord Account to PS4?

There are certain requirements needed to start with to connect PS4 to discord. The question that arises is that is discord on PS4? The answer is no. You cannot just install discord in your console so you would need some third-party involvement or some alternative methods which we will be discussing here.

Few ways to connect your Discord account to PS4 is to use a headset that may be similar to an A40 TR headset and a MIXAMP PRO TR cable. This way you can manually set up the Discord app on your PS4 and enjoy using it from your console. 

You can also get discord on PS4 by simply signing in from your PS4 device and viola! You’ll be ready to use discord right from your console without any issues.

How to Setup Discord on PS4.

Here, we will discuss the steps on how to set up discord on PS4. It’s just as simple as it sounds and follows the same process on the way we set up discord on our PC. 

  • Search for discord app on the web browser.
  • Click on the web application on your PC/MAC.
  • Enter your account username and password.
  • Login to your discord account.

If you are new to discord, then you may sign up for the application instead of logging in.

Requirements For Setting Up Discord For PS4

Certain equipment would be required to connect PS4 to discord. Few of them we shall be discussing here:

  • You’d require a headset, preferably similar to an A40 TR headset with an optical cable and USB connection. This will ensure that you can use discord on PS4.
  • To switch audio connection between your PC and PS4, you’d require a device like MIXAMP or similar products to it. 
  • You can also use certain cables to establish a connection such as a 3.5mm AUX spitter or a 3.5mm volume cord. 
  • A PC/MAC and console to connect PS4 to discord.

Connecting Mixamp to PS4

Before proceeding on knowing how to get discord on PS4, we need to make sure we have connected our devices to the console. To connect your MIXAMP with your console, follow up with the steps given ahead:

  • Power on your PlayStation 4.
  • Turn your MIXAMP in console mode.
  • Taking the digital cable, connect it to one side of the console and the other side to the mixamp.
  • Once a successful connection is made, the headset will be shown as a USB device, and the message will be displayed on the screen.

Setting up Mixamp and PS4

Once you have made sure you have all the equipment needed to connect discord on PS4, make sure you connect the devices with your PS4 and follow the given steps below:

  • Properly connect your MIXAMP PRO TR with your PS4 for an audio connection.
  • Open Settings on your console.
  • Go to Sound and Screen and select the Audio Output Setting.
  • From the list of options, change the Primary Output Port to Optical/Digital Output.
  • Plug one end of the cable to your console and the other end to the PC. Make sure your console is in PC mode or else there will be a failure in maintaining a connection.
  • Open Discord on your PC and go to Audio and Video Setting by clicking on the Setting button.
  • Select Voice Setting and change the input to the MIXAMP PRO TR.
  • You have to use the 3.5mm audio jack to run it on your computer.
  • Now change the Output on your Discord voice setting to your PC’s audio port.

Setting Up on Your PC

The final step to get discord on PS4 is setting up your entire connection with your PC. you can follow the given steps to know how to go about with this:

  • Plugin your cable to the MIXAMP and the other side of your PC after turning your Mixamp into PC mode.
  • Open the Discord app on your computer and go to settings.
  • Navigate to the Voice and Video setting option.
  • Change the input device to the headset you will be using.
  • Let the output be in default.
  • Press the escape button or the cross button on the top right corner and now you will be able to use discord on PS4 for communicating as well as hearing your console audio.

How To Join a PS4 Party On PC​

There is an interesting feature that your PS4 gives you is the PS4 party chat which enables you to talk to your friends and players while playing games. This feature can also result in issues with discord overlay so you can check on how to fix that issue as well.

The PS4 party can also be used as an alternative if you have trouble connecting PS4 to discord.

To join a PS4 party on PC, just follow this simple guide to it:

  • Download PS4 remote play software on your PC.
  • Login with your PSN account on the software.
  • Turn on your console.
  • Connect your PC to the Party chat.
  • Run the software.


Even though discord has not been officially introduced on the console, we can follow up with the solution given in this article on how to get discord on PS4. 

It is still worth a try to be given using the equipment and enjoy the discord services on your PS4.

This solution can be helpful until PlayStation 4 brings discord to the console players so make sure your cables are connected properly and you shall have no trouble ahead.

FAQ Related To Discord on PS4

1. Can I use the web browser from my PS4 to log into Discord?

Yes, you can easily use your console to get discord on PS4 by simply logging in to your discord account via the web browser. 

2. Can you Download Discord on ps4?

No, you cannot download discord on PS4 as it is not officially launched on the console yet. However, you can connect discord to PS4 by using a USB cable, Mixamp, and a headset that is compatible with your console and PC.

3. Does Ps4 have Discord?

PS4 does not have discord officially available to it but you can still use discord via your PC by logging in through your web browser and connecting your console and PC using a USB cable, Mixamp, and a headset. This way, you can use the discord feature of audio and speak to your friends while listening to the audio from your console.

4. Can you join a PS4 Party Chat on PC?

Yes, you can join a ps4 party chat on PC by downloading the Party remote play on your PC. After downloading the software, login using your PlayStation account and connect your PC to the party chat after turning your console on. Run the program and this way you can access your PS4 party chat on PC.

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