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Discord is used every day by almost all gamers out there as well as non-gamers too. Without a doubt, Discord is the best application for communication. With Discord, you get a brilliant text and audio platform where you can talk with your friends for free. You can join Channels/servers on Discord or maybe create one for yourself and add people in it and be a part of a community with people having similar interests. Even though Discord is packed with many features, it still falls short on a few things, like themes, plugins, etc. That’s where Better Discord comes into play. 

If you are someone looking for a better and new Discord experience, then Better Discord is what you need.  With Better Discord, you can customize and modify your discord and make it look and feel better. You can change how servers look using different free themes available. 

Customizing UI is not the only thing, you can do with Better Discord. You can also use different plugins and add new features to your dull discord. Options and choices for customizations and modifications are endless.  

Note: Using Better Discord is against Discord’s Terms of Service. So, you might get banned for using Better Discord. If you are going to use Better Discord anyway, you will be responsible only.

Still, many people use it, and yeah not every account gets banned it’s very rare to happen. 

So, is it worth the risk? Well yes since we are getting so many features. 

Better Discord Features

Just like the name suggests, Better Discord got features that make it better than your normal discord.

  1. Emotes: Even though discord has been here for a long time, they still haven’t added emotes yet. With Better Discord, you get all emotes from If you are bored with emojis, then it’s time to try emotes.
  2. Public Servers: New to discord? Looking for new friends and new communities? By installing Better Discord, you get a public server list.
  3. Minimal Mode: Do you find all those chats, logos, and buttons annoying and are too lazy to leave the server you don’t use anymore? Try the minimal mode and get a minimal discord experience.
  4. Themes: Better Discord comes with a theme loader so that you can style your discord using free themes available online.
  5. Voice chat only mode: Just using the voice chat? Get rid of texts and make your discord clutter-free and clean.
  6. Custom CSS Support: Want to add your CSS and customize discord according to how you want? With Better Discord, you can add custom CSS to discord elements and customize them however you like.
  7. Plugins: Use Better Discord’s javascript-based Plugin Loader to download and add plugins to your servers or maybe create one plugin for yourself. 
  8. Don’t spoil: So you are in a movie server and don’t want to spoil a movie for other members? Add [!s] to your message and a spoiler warning will be added to your message. 

There are many other features as well like saving logs in JSON format which might is helpful for chat moderators, and auto-complete emotes before you complete it. 

After learning about all these features, you must be interested in knowing how to install Better Discord. So, let’s get into that. 

How to Install Better Discord?

Installing Better Discord is not very complex and doesn’t require any technical expertise. So, do not worry if you come across any unknown confusing term above. 

You need to have Discord installed on your PC. You can use Better Discord on both Windows and macOS. 

Better Discord Download and Installation 

  1. Download the installer from Bandaged Better Discord Github Page. Download the .exe file if you are using windows or the .zip file if you are on macOS. 
  2. Windows users click on the .exe file and run it to install. macOS users open the zip file and continue with the installation process.
  3. Windows users:  After running the exe file, the installation setup screen will open. Tick both “Install to Stable” and Restart All Discord Instances” options.

macOS users: On the installation setup screen, tick both “Install ToPTB” and “Install To Canary” options.

Now, all you have to do is follow the on-screen instructions. 

And that’s it. Not very confusing, right?

Now, done with the installation. Let’s learn how we can use Better Discord.  

How to use Better Discord

Now, it’s time to figure out how to use better discord. After installing Better Discord, when you open Discord. You will see many options for plugins, themes, and extensions. You can try all of them if you would like to. 

Let’s see how we can install better discord themes

Better Discord Themes

Themes are one of the main reasons why people use Better Discord. Many don’t like the normal design of discord. With Better Discord, you get access to a large beautiful theme collection. Follow these steps to install themes on discord. 

  1. Go to the Better Discord Theme Library page and choose which theme you would like to install. There are many options available that can be sorted using tags like Dark, Anime, Light, etc. 
  2. Download the theme and after downloading open discord. Go to the settings and scroll down you will find the options for themes. 
  3. Unzip the download theme to the file path: 

After this, you will see the theme you downloaded in the theme sections. 

Now switch on the theme by clicking on the toggle. You have successfully installed a theme on discord using better discord.

Better Discord Plugins

Just like themes, you can install plugins as well. Follow these steps to install plugins on discord.

  1. Go to the Better Discord Plugin Library Page and choose which plugin you would like to install. Just like the themes, there are different plugins available which you can sort using tags like Enhancement, Utility, Organisation, and Security. 
  2. Now just follow the same steps as we did while installing themes. But, in the settings, select the plugin and toggle the plugin from there. Also, unzip the plugin file into the /plugins folder.

And that’s it almost all steps were the same for both theme and plugins. 

How to fix better discord not working issues?

While using the themes, plugins, and other extensions, you may, unfortunately, run into errors and problems. We here try to help with most of the common problems you might run into while using Better Discord. 

1. Bandage Better Discord takes a very long time to load/doesn’t load at all

If BandagedBD is loading for a long time and still not opening, you need to repair it. Download the installation file for your respective OS from here.

Follow the same step as in installation. Install and run it. Accept the terms and conditions and then on the next screen select Repair BandagedBD and check for any affected discord versions. 

Select BandagedBD loading infinitely and then click on repair it. 

This should fix your issue.

Note: In the same way, you can fix other errors like Discord Update Loop or BandagedBD not launching with Discord just select the error you are facing on the repair screen.

2. JavaScript Error Occurred

This error usually occurs after a user installs a new theme or plugin. If you have recently downloaded any new theme or plugin then try disabling it. 

This usually fixes this error but if it still doesn’t. Then try restarting your pc then reinstalling discord. This should fix it.

How to fix better discord error

Is Better Discord Safe to Use

Yes, Better Discord is safe to use. 

Just as we mentioned in the beginning, using Better Discord is against Discord’s Terms of Service. So, there is a risk of your account getting banned but that doesn’t happen a lot. Discord is not too strict on its users. 

There is a security issue since we are letting an external application interact with our chats. But, you can trust it since many people use Better Discord. You can understand this just from seeing the number of people who have download Better Discord plugins and themes. 


Better Discord is worth trying if you are looking for a new experience while using discord. The themes help give a new look and feel to discord whereas plugins help add more usability and functions to discord. Even if you are not interested, it is still worth trying once.

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