Better Discord – How to Install Better Discord & Use it

Discord is a mobile app that enables users to communicate and hold meetings with their friends and colleagues. It works seamlessly across various platforms such as PC and Android. One of the best applications used by gamers to connect online, Discord has become a favorite amongst the generation due to its easy-to-access features.

Now we have often encountered different mod applications of the existing apps, making them work much better with additional features. Similar to that, we have an alternative to Discord called Better Discord. 

In this article, we will discuss what exactly is Better discord and how to install and use it for beginners.

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What Is BetterDiscord?

Let us talk about what exactly is this BetterDiscord about. Just like Discord, it is a communication application regarded as an alternative to the app mentioned. It contains all the features common to Discord like voice chatting, texting, sharing images as well as emotes and also connects users from all across the globe. 

So what makes it any different than Discord? BetterDiscord comes with changeable themes, Bots, plugins, and also you can use emotes directly from Twitch via this app. 

All these features are unavailable as of now on Discord and there has been no official announcement for the release either. So with BetterDiscord, you get to use so many different features to make your chatting experience much better as the name says.

Better Discord Features

Just like the name suggests, Better Discord got features that make it better than your normal discord.

  1. Emotes: Even though discord has been here for a long time, they still haven’t added emotes yet. With Better Discord, you get all emotes from If you are bored with emojis, then it’s time to try emotes.
  2. Public Servers: New to discord? Looking for new friends and new communities? By installing Better Discord, you get a public server list.
  3. Minimal Mode: Do you find all those chats, logos, and buttons annoying and are too lazy to leave the server you don’t use anymore? Try the minimal mode and get a minimal discord experience.
  4. Themes: Better Discord comes with a theme loader so that you can style your discord using free themes available online.
  5. Voice chat only mode: Just using the voice chat? Get rid of texts and make your discord clutter-free and clean.
  6. Custom CSS Support: Want to add your CSS and customize discord according to how you want? With Better Discord, you can add custom CSS to discord elements and customize them however you like.
  7. Plugins: Use Better Discord’s javascript-based Plugin Loader to download and add plugins to your servers or maybe create one plugin for yourself. 
  8. Don’t spoil: So you are in a movie server and don’t want to spoil a movie for other members? Add [!s] to your message and a spoiler warning will be added to your message. 

There are many other features as well like saving logs in JSON format which might is helpful for chat moderators, and auto-complete emotes before you complete it. 

After learning about all these features, you must be interested in knowing how to install Better Discord. So, let’s get into that. 

How To Get & Install Better Discord

Now that we have a basic insight into BetterDiscord and its amazing features, we shall discuss how to get this application in this section of the article.

You can easily get this application by downloading it from their official website linked here. After downloading the application, we will guide you on how to install BetterDiscord on both your Windows and Mac.

Keep reading for a beginner’s guide to installing BetterDiscord:

How to Install Better Discord On Windows?

Installing BetterDiscord on Windows is a very easy process and will hardly take you more than few minutes to get it ready and working on your PC.

Here is how you follow through the installation process:

  • First, download the Discord app on your Windows before downloading the BetterDiscord application from their webpage according to the OS you use. (windows here).
  • Double-click on the downloaded file to run it on your computer.
  • An installation menu will pop up on the screen.
  • Accept the license agreement and click next.

  • Click on Install Betterdiscord.

  • Select the discord version you are using and proceed to the install button.

  • After installation has happened, restart your PC and run Discord to view the changes.

How to Install Better Discord on Mac

We have discussed the process of installing BetterDiscord on windows. Now we will look through the process of installing BetterDiscord on Mac.

For this, read the given instructions below to get BetterDiscord on Mac:

  • Download the BetterDiscord Mac OS zip from here.
  • After the file has been downloaded, click on Open to install the file.
  • The Installation set-up screen will pop up. Uncheck the install to canary and install to PTB option and click on install.
  • Give a reboot to your MAC and run your Discord to check for the changes.

How to Use Better Discord

You may come across the Install BandagedBD option which you may have clicked and installed the stable. These extensions are very useful while using plug-ins and can make your job easier while navigating through BetterDiscord.

To use this application, follow the steps one by one as given below:

  • Launch discord on your computer.
  • Click on the plus sign to create a server.
  • Give a name to the server and select the appropriate region for it.
  • Use the link discord provided for the server to invite in friends and communicate.
  • After you have done so, you are ready to use the features provided by BandagedBD with ease.
  • Using the link, paste it on BandagedBD to make the most out of the extensions and plug-ins provided by BetterDiscord.

Now, it’s time to figure out how to use better discord. After installing Better Discord, when you open Discord. You will see many options for plugins, themes, and extensions. You can try all of them if you would like to. 

Let’s see how we can install better discord themes

Better Discord Themes

Themes are one of the main reasons why people use Better Discord. Many don’t like the normal design of discord. With Better Discord, you get access to a large beautiful theme collection. Follow these steps to install themes on discord. 

  1. Go to the Better Discord Theme Library page and choose which theme you would like to install. There are many options available that can be sorted using tags like Dark, Anime, Light, etc. 
  2. Download the theme and after downloading open discord. Go to the settings and scroll down you will find the options for themes. 
  3. Unzip the download theme to the file path: 

After this, you will see the theme you downloaded in the theme sections. 

Now switch on the theme by clicking on the toggle. You have successfully installed a theme on discord using better discord.

How to Use Better Discord Themes?

After you have downloaded your preferred themes and unzipped them, you can use the BetterDiscord themes to make your Discord look dashing. Here is the guide on how to use BetterDiscord themes without any hassle:

  • Copy-paste the themes in the directory after you have unzipped them.
  • Open discord and navigate to the server created.
  • Go to settings and scroll down to locate the theme option.

  • Open the theme folders to insert the downloaded files and toggle the button on to apply changes.

What are BetterDiscord plugins?

BetterDiscord plugins are basically extensions that are added to discord to provide various features to the application. These plugins are easy to use and get any job done as required by the user. Since a server needs to be kept active by engaging the users present, these plugins can help you maintain and attract a good crowd.

With these plugins, you can easily manage a big discord server without a hassle and introduce bots to do your work which normally discord doesn’t provide. Such plugins can also help you figure out the ping of users amongst other cool features. You can gain access to various plugins by visiting the plugins provided by BetterDiscord linked here or other creators.

Better Discord Plugins Download

Just like themes, you can install plugins as well. Follow these steps to install plugins on discord.

  1. Go to the Better Discord Plugin Library Page and choose which plugin you would like to install. Like the themes, there are different plugins available that you can sort using tags like Enhancement, Utility, Organisation, and Security. 
  2. Now just follow the same steps as we did while installing themes. But, in the settings, select the plugin and toggle the plugin from there. Also, unzip the plugin file into the /plugins folder.

How To Install Better Discord Plugins?

Now that we know how these plugins work, we may be still curious about how to use them on the discord server. The process is very simplified and a step-by-step guide is given below for you to use the plugins you have got for BetterDiscord:

  • Visit the BetterDiscord plugin page.
  • Download your favorite plugins and move to C:\\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\BetterDiscord\plugins to unzip the files you have downloaded.

  • Go to discord and visit the settings option.

  • Locate the Plugin option from the BetterDiscord Settings and click on it.
  • Enable the Plugin option by sliding the button on and you are good to go.


Better Discord Custom CSS

The BetterDiscord custom CSS allows you to set a custom background for your discord to make it look more appealing and attractive during usage. This is one feature that has increased the user population of BetterDiscord as this customization feature is yet not introduced in the original application.

In order to get access to the BetterDiscord themes, you can follow up with the steps mentioned below:

  • Visit the BetterDiscord theme page which is linked here.
  • Download your favorite themes and move to C:\\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\BetterDiscord\themes to unzip the files you have downloaded.

You can carry out this process multiple times to choose amongst the themes you want to apply to Discord.

How to fix better discord Not working issues?

Unfortunately while using the themes, plugins, and other extensions, you may run into errors and problems. We here try to help with most of the common problems you might run into while using Better Discord. 

1. Bandage Better Discord takes a very long time to load/doesn’t load at all

If BandagedBD is loading for a long time and still not opening, you need to repair it. Download the installation file for your respective OS from here.

Follow the same step as in installation. Install and run it. Accept the terms and conditions and then on the next screen select Repair BandagedBD and check for any affected discord versions. 

Select BandagedBD loading infinitely and then click on repair it. 

This should fix your issue.

Note: In the same way, you can fix other errors like Discord Update Loop or BandagedBD not launching with Discord just select the error you are facing on the repair screen.

2. How To Fix JavaScript Error Occurred In Better Discord

This error usually occurs after a user installs a new theme or plugin. If you have recently downloaded any new theme or plugin then try disabling it. 

This usually fixes this error but if it still doesn’t. Then try restarting your pc then reinstalling discord. This should fix it.

How to fix better discord error

Is Better Discord Safe to Use

Yes, Better Discord is safe to use. 

Just as we mentioned in the beginning, using Better Discord is against Discord’s Terms of Service. So, there is a risk of your account getting banned but that doesn’t happen a lot. Discord is not too strict on its users. 

There is a security issue since we are letting an external application interact with our chats. But, you can trust it since many people use Better Discord. You can understand this just from seeing the number of people who have download Better Discord plugins and themes. 

Saying this, BetterDiscord is an authorized application and is 100% safe to use, and has experienced no client complaints so far.

So, you can rest assure and give BetterDiscord a try for a whole new experience on connecting online with gamers and friends.

FAQs For BetterDiscord

Is BetterDiscord allowed?

BetterDiscord is a 100% authorized app and is used by many users all across the globe to get a better experience on discord and customize it according to their liking. It provides many features ranging from changing themes to inserting plugins into your server.

Why is Better Discord against the Discord ToS?

BetterDiscord violates the terms and services of Discord as it makes changes to your application and provides features that are yet to be published by Discord. Although it is a risky app, users have not complained about any issues so far.

Can you get banned for using Better Discord?

Although it does violate certain ToS of discord, BetterDiscord will not get your account banned if you follow the regulations of the mod application. However, further abuse of it can lead to an account suspension.

Is Better Discord a virus?

BetterDiscord is an extension application that improves your experience on using Discord as it provides various features that are unavailable on the app so no, it is not a virus.

What is BandagedBD?

BandagedBD is an extension on BetterDiscord without which you cannot insert your preferred themes or plugin so it is a very essential component of the BetterDiscord app.


If you wanna take your discord application to a whole new level and customize it to your liking, BetterDiscord is the good-to-go application that will help you make your server more attractive and appealing to the audience. With its easy-to-use features and cool themes, you can enjoy your time engaging more users and make your server more active and fun to interact with.

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