5 Essential Apps for A Small Scale Business to Manage Workflow


While most of the big companies can set up teams for finance, HR, and operations, small scale businesses have to do everything with a smaller team — at least until they can afford to hire employees to manage everything. Even then, the right tools can make everything more efficient.

If you own a business and find yourself with too much on your plate, then don’t worry. Small business apps can handle (sometimes outperform) many of the manual tasks that could someday require a fully-fledged team. Various applications and services have been developed that might help you in increasing productivity and pave the way towards success.

In this article, we are going to go over the 5 best (and must-have) software applications for small scale businesses that want to streamline finance, employee management, and productivity.

5 Essential Apps for Small Scale Businesses

We’ve researched extensively to pick the 5 best software applications that are essential for a small scale business. While using these services, owners can expect an increase in productivity and a decrease in the back-office workload. 

OnPay payroll software

OnPay is the one-stop destination for all your payroll and HR needs. It is a cloud-based payroll service that offers a wide variety of features. The reason why OnPay payroll software is one of the must-have applications is that it fully automates many payroll and HR functions and allows a high degree of customization. It also gets the best customer ratings.

All you need to do is create an account, and OnPay will add employees and configure payroll for you. Then you’re good to go. The online service allows business owners to add various employee benefits to payroll as well, including health insurance, retirement, and compensations.

OnPay also handles your company’s payroll taxes. They guarantee the accuracy in their work and have a policy of taking full responsibility in case of tax filing errors.


Deputy scheduling and time tracking app

If you face hurdles while assigning tasks and schedule, then you might be looking for a service like Deputy, an effective approach for efficient time tracking. Owners can manage their day to day tasks and set up schedules for other employees in the company.

The automated workflow of this app ensures that no one ever forgets their work. Deputy notifies the employees with SMS and maintains the overall productivity of your business.

If you have an HR team working for you, then Deputy can easily integrate with the HR software. Third-party integration with applications such as QuickBooks, Xero, Epos Now, OnPay, Kounta, and Zapier is supported.

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QuickBooks accounting

QuickBooks is a simple and essential application for your business if you want to manage all your financial work with ease. The service offers management tools for tracking clients and vendors, banking-related tasks, and other accounting needs.

The decent automated workflow provided by QuickBooks is what makes it one of the must-have applications for small scale businesses. About the service cost, owners can either purchase a one-time multi-user license or go for the annual subscription.

QuickBooks provides functionalities for managing and systematically storing all your accounting data. Businesses can also generate profit and loss statements with QuickBooks. 24/7 Premium customer support is provided with the QuickBooks Pro Plus subscription.

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ThinkHR is no doubt one of the best services that provide quick HR solutions for small scale businesses. This cloud-based application ensures the best employee engagement by managing online training, risk reduction, and other compliances. 

The noticeable feature that makes ThinkHR effective is that the platform is always up to date with the latest federal and state requirements associated with human resources.

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For cutting costs and enhancing the collaborative aspect of a company, Fuze offers the best cloud-based communication service for small and medium scale businesses. 

Fuze can be used for setting video conferences, meeting, chatting, and calling. The application provides a unified platform for video, text, and audio communication to make your conference sessions engaging and productive.

The application provides an amazing user experience, combined with the powerful integration features to allow limitless communication in a business.

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Choosing the best app

So that was our take on the 5 essential Apps for small scale businesses. We mentioned several of the best apps that help a company in productivity, finance, time tracking, and communication.

OnPay is a payroll management service that can be used for generating payrolls quickly. Deputy is a time tracking software that helps business owners in managing employee attendance, scheduling tasks, and meetings.

If you’re looking for a service to manage your business finances, QuickBooks is a lifesaver. It provides financial tracking, expenditure, and report generation services for small companies.

ThinkHR is the perfect application for all your Human Resource needs. Fuze is a communication service that provides a unified platform for hosting video conferencing, chats, and voice calls.

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