Is Fortnite Dying? How to Make Fortnite Fun Again


Is Fortnite Dying: Alright, everyone loves playing games, enjoying every bit of the fun squeezed out of the breathtaking gaming experience. To be practical, there won’t be any living human being who has not tried a game in their lifetime. Everyone plays games every once in a while to refresh their mind and get relieved of the stress.

After seeing this growing trend in the video game industry, the number of game developers and designers has taken a noteworthy uplift. Many video game developers are currently working, and many more who are aspiring to be one.

Games are amazing but every game has a playing lifetime. For the top-class games, the time could be 5-6 years or more, while for the remaining ones, the period may range from a couple of months to years.

is fortnite dying

One of such games is Fortnite, developed by Epic Games. Fortnite is a battle royale game where 100 players are spawned on an island. The players need to survive in the jungle by finding weaponry, potions, and by killing and looting other players. The last man standing is declared as the winner of the match.

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While Fortnite is still one of the top leading games currently, many critics suggest that the game is close to its demise. This might lead other gamers to wonder “Is Fortnite Dying“.

So, to clarify everything, in this article, we will discuss Is Fortnite Dying, why is Fortnite Dying, and the various reasons behind it.

If you just want to check How to make Fortnite Fun Again, jump to this section of the post.

Is Fortnite dying?

is fortnite dying

Fortnite is a battle royale game developed by Epic Games. Sources say that Fortnite had around 250 Million active players and some of the popular streamers like Ninja started playing the game. This provided a quick head start to the Battle Royale gaming era. Other games such as PUBG and Apex Legends were also developed on the same Battle concept.

It can’t be said that Fortnite is dying because dying is a very sophisticated term for games. A game is considered to be dead when it has no active players on the servers. Fortnite still has thousands of daily active players on their servers. The game has an amazing forum and lives game streaming community.

Why is Fortnite dying?

However, if you were to say that there are specific reasons for the downfall of Fortnite, these might be some of them.

1. The Decrease in Gameplay Viewers

Fortnite has a large live game streaming community with thousands of YouTubers and Twitch streamers playing daily. The viewing audience was also vast when compared to other games.

fortnite dying

But now, the number of audiences has started depreciating gradually. It might be that the audience is not finding the game entertaining because of the saturation in its gameplay. The game doesn’t feature anything new but has same-old battle-royale related stuff in every game. There are several other game modes but battle royale was the most engaging of all.

2. Lack of Competition

When Fortnite was released, the game was highly competitive because of the expertise of the games at the time. With time, many beginners joined the game and Epic Games had to bring in new changes so that the newbies could have fun while playing.

3. Public Criticism

Several Fortnite streamers criticized the game on their social accounts saying that Fortnite is now dying or the game has become saturated. This had an impact on the minds of thousands of individuals, thus creating a negative attitude towards the game.

4. Epic Game’s Fault

Not only the audience and gamers, but Epic Games also played a big role in the demise of Fortnite. They brought unnecessary changes in the game as weekly updates. Many gamers criticized this action of Epic Games as many mechanisms of the game were removed completely. 

There were many things that Epic Games did wrong. Some of them are mentioned below.

  1. Removing siphon (a mechanic that rewarded health/shield on killing an enemy),
  2. promoting the fad of “OG” skins,
  3. or even failing to regulate the loot pool.
  4. A mech-robot was added with 1000 HP and rockets that damaged through structures.
  5. Planes were broken when they first released.
  6. Proximity grenade launchers dealt 70 damage without even hitting the player.
  7. Junk rifts destroyed 100% of all structures in a small area.
  8. Combat shotguns dealt with insane amounts of damage from a distance.

These were some of the many faults that Epic Games presented in their weekly game updates.

All these reasons made Fortnite a boring game for many players. If you are experiencing the same problem, then do not worry, as we have provided some methods that can help you to make Fortnite fun again.

How to Make Fortnite Fun Again

If you are wondering How to make Fortnite fun again, then are some of the best methods that might raise your interest in the game again.

1. Play with Friends

If you are a one-man-army kind of guy, you might consider playing the game with your friends. It adds fun to the game and the voice chat features are a cherry on top. You can chat while playing and kill other players by discussing strategies and plans.

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2. Save the President

If you are a squad player and are pretty much bored discussing plans and strategies, then you should try playing Save the President. It is a game that you can play in the Battle Royale mode. Decide out of four, who’s ready to be the President. The concept is that the President can’t pick up weapons or explosives. And now it’s obvious that the other players have to save the President at all costs.

3. Two-Two Tension

If you are a squad player, then you can split up into teams of two. You should only talk to the player who’s in your team. In the end, the team with the highest number of kills wins. To make it fun, you can even steal the other team’s kills.

4. Make a New Account

If you do not want to play squad or duo and are more of a lone wolf. Then you can create a new account on Fortnite. Starting from Zero is fun, as it will polish up your skills while you work your way to the top.

Final Words

So, that was our take on Is Fortnite Dying and its various reasons. Though, it can be considered that its fanbase is depreciating rapidly and dying is an exaggerated term. A game can be called dead when there are no active players and the servers are nearly empty. But, Fortnite has a thousand daily active gamers playing on their servers.

However, Fortnite is not experiencing a fall in the best games league. This is because there is a huge decrease in the gameplay viewers, the game is not as hard as it used to be, and other reasons. If you find Fortnite boring, then we have also come up with some methods that will make Fortnite fun again.

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