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snapseed for pc

Snapseed For PC: With the increase in technology, photographs have now become an integral part of our day to day lives. Whether it be a family function, or a fun weekend at your home, pictures are the best way to remember the days. Currently, there are a variety of cameras to click high-quality photos in the best possible way. However, photography is an art; not all of us can master. It takes an in-depth knowledge of lighting, posing, lenses, and whatnot.

But, thanks to smartphones, a growing trend nowadays. Almost everyone can be seen with a mobile in their hand. In addition to the powerful calculative features, most smartphones now come with a portable lens and camera apps. This completely changed the scene of photography as not everyone can afford to buy a high-powered DSLR camera.

However, as mentioned above, photography is not an easy trick to pull. It involves perfect lighting, poses, lens, and quality. While most talented people click amazing photos naturally, a majority of them waste hours on taking a single perfect shot. If you are one of them, then don’t worry, as you can edit your photos after you have clicked them.

Post-processing is a crucial aspect of photography. It adds a finishing touch to the pictures, making them more attractive. There are numerous applications for smartphones that can help you in post-processing your photographs for free. 

snapseed for pc

Snapseed is one of them. It is a photo editing application that helps its users to enhance their pictures by applying digital filters. Many photographers use Snapseed on their smartphones. Because of the smartphone’s small screen size, the real power of Snapseed is still left uncovered. Hopefully, users can try the application on their desktop by downloading Snapseed for PC.

In this article, we will cover everything related to Snapseed for PC, its features, how to download it on your system, and a detailed step by step guide to install it on your desktop.

Snapseed for PC

As mentioned above, Snapseed for PC is a photo editor application that helps its users to enhance their pictures by applying digital filters to them. The app was developed by Nik Software, which is now owned by Google. After Google took over Snapseed, they released an android version of the software in December 2012. The release details for the desktop version were announced. However, they discontinued the development later.

Features of Snapseed for PC

Well, Snapseed has a lot to offer to its users. With a variety of different effects, functions, and utilities, it is now one of the best photo editor applications for smartphones. Snapseed comes pre-packed with several features. Some of them are given below.

Easy to Use

The first and foremost feature that Snapseed offers is the ease of use. In addition to the sleek user interface, Snapseed has a well-defined toolbar menu. The main screen is divided into two sections—the first consists of the picture canvas where users can zoom, select, and check their effects. The second one is the toolbar menu, which has a vast collection of amazing tools and other presets. Also, there are numerous effects to choose from.

Streamlined Tools

The tools and functions provided to users come with auto-adjustment features. This way, the user need not care about rotating and adjusting their picture according to the canvas size.

snapseed for pc

It is one of the best features as the users can import their photos, enhance, and export them straight to their galleries.

Export Images

As mentioned above, Snapseed allows its users to easily export their processed images to the gallery. Once the manipulation is done, you are just two taps away to export the picture to your storage. This feature comes in handy when you want to perform a quick spin on the image.

Free Access

Snapseed is available on the application store for free. Users can download the app and start using it right away. A majority of paid photo editing applications do not provide as many features as Snapseed does.

Supports RAW and JPEG Images

The application supports the manipulation of RAW as well as JPEG images. For general information, the RAW file is not an image file. It is the collection of data that was recorded by your camera sensor. However, when that data is converted to an image file, it is stored in the JPEG format.

Save Personal Presets

If you are tweaking your images and made a fabulous effect by accident, then don’t worry, Snapseed has got you covered. The application allows its users to save their personal presets for future use.


If you are not into image processing and just want to add a quick effect on the picture, then autotune will come in handy. Luckily, Snapseed provides an Auto-Tuning feature that you can access with just one tap.

Numerous In-App Features

There are uncountable in-app features that come packed with Snapseed. Some of them are mentioned below.


Snapseed allows you to add and edit frames on your pictures. The application has some predefined structures that you can use. In addition to that, users can also create their custom frames.

Healing Brush

If you just clicked a fantastic picture of yourself, but also got a bird behind you. Then, Healing Brush will help you. It is one of the most used brushes. You can remove unwanted things from your pictures using the Healing Brush.

White Balance

Many smartphones don’t have the white balance filter built in them. But, Snapseed has one in case you need it.


Vignette is one of the best effects that many professional photographers use in their pictures. The result has a soft dark-ish color to the edges.

Lens Blur

Lens Blur effect is quite popular nowadays as everyone wants a portrait photograph of themselves. If your smartphone does not offer a portrait feature, then don’t worry, Snapseed has one for you.

Double Exposure

The double exposure effects help editors to fuse two photos into one like the one shown below.


HDR Scape

HDR or High Dynamic Range Scape improves the highlights and shadows of your landscape photograph.

Tonal Contrast

You can alter the shadows, highlights, and other tonal details with this tool.

Glamour Glow

The Glamour Glow is a special filter that adds to the beauty of your selfies. This effect enhances the color of your photographs.

Snapseed for PC Download Full

Many websites provide Snapseed for PC executable files. However, it must be noted that most of them may contain malware and other harmful stuff. There is no official Snapseed application for desktop as the development process was stopped long ago.

Hopefully, if you still want to use Snapseed on your computer, we have got a way for you. Snapseed can be installed on a desktop device by using emulators. Emulators are specialized software that can mimic the performance and architecture of another system.

But, before installing the application on your system, you need to download it. Click on the button below to Snapseed for PC download full.

Download Snapseed From Playstore

How to install Snapseed for PC

If you have downloaded Snapseed for PC on your local storage successfully, it is time to install the application on your machine. Installing the software is not sophisticated at all and is a piece of cake. Choose one of the below-provided methods to install Snapseed for PC on your computer.

Install Snapseed for PC using BlueStacks

Bluestacks is one of the leading android emulators available on the internet. The emulator offers a variety of amazing features to its users. 

snapseed for pc

If you want to install Snapseed on your PC using Bluestacks emulator, then follow the steps given below.

  1. Download Snapseed for PC application from the download link provided above.
  2. Download and install Bluestacks on your system.
  3. Launch Bluestacks on your desktop.
  4. On the left sidebar, locate the APP icon and click on it.
    snapseed for pc
  5. A dialog box will open. Find the android package on your system, and open it with Bluestacks.
  6. The application will be installed automatically.

Note: You can also drag-and-drop the package file directly onto the Bluestacks window.

Install Snapseed for PC using Nox

The next emulator on the list is the Nox player. It is the best Android emulator when it comes to user interface and experience. The emulator is in direct competition with Bluestacks emulator.

snapseed for pc download full

To install Snapseed for PC using Nox Player, follow the below-given step-by-step guide.

  1. Download the Snapseed application on your computer.
  2. Download and install Nox Player on your desktop.
  3. Launch the emulator on your system.
  4. Find an APP icon on the right-hand sidebar.
    snapseed for pc download full
  5. Choose the Snapseed package file and click Open.
  6. The emulator will start the installation process.

Note: You can also drag-and-drop the package file directly onto the Nox Player Window.

Install Snapseed for PC using mEmu

mEmu (Mobile Emulator) is another emulator that has been topping the charts in the emulation industry.

snapseed for pc download full

It offers better performance when compared to other emulators because of its exclusive CPU Virtualization technology.

To install Snapseed on a computer using mEmu emulator, follow the steps given below.

  1. Download the Snapseed for PC file on your local storage.
  2. Download and install the mEmu emulator.
  3. Make sure you have CPU Virtualization enabled (for best performance).
  4. On the right-hand sidebar, find and click on an APP icon.
    snapseed for pc download full
  5. A file explorer window will be presented. Locate and open the android package.
  6. The emulator will automatically install the application for you.

Note: You can also drag-and-drop the file directly onto the mEmu window.

Other Emulators for Windows

There are several different alternatives to these android emulators. While most of them are not as efficient as those mentioned above. Those are discussed below.

  1. Android Studio Emulator
  2. ARChon
  3. Bliss OS
  4. Game loop
  5. Genymotion
  6. LD player
  7. Phoenix OS
  8. Remix OS player
  9. Xamarin
  10. Youwave

Other Emulators for macOS

Some Android emulators can be used on a macOS device.

  1. iAndroid
  2. GBA4iOS
  3. Android Dalvik Emulator
  4. NDS4ios
  5. iNDS

Final Words

So, that was our take on Snapseed for PC. Snapseed is a photo editor application that helps its users to enhance their pictures by applying digital filters to them. There are several features that come pre-packed with the app. Sadly, there is no official Snapseed for PC application as the development was stopped long ago.

But, users can still install Snapseed on their computer by using an emulator. There are numerous emulators such as Bluestacks, Nox Player, and mEmu that can do the job.

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