How to do Spoilers on Discord – The Ultimate Guide

How to do Spoilers on Discord: Spoilers are no doubt the perfect way of ruining a thrilling new season of your favorite TV show right? But as obvious, no one wants a show or a movie spoiler waiting to deprive them of the fun and experience. Even messages can act as spoilers. As Discord is a chat platform, users might send spoiler texts to each other knowingly or unknowingly. 

To prevent this from happening, Discord has an amazing feature called Discord Spoiler. But not everyone knows how to use them, and they end up searching the internet for How to do spoilers on Discord.

You can quickly mark a message as a spoiler on Discord by wrapping your text with the pipe character (||). Example – ||This is a spoiler||. You can also use the Discord interface option Mark as Spoiler to send a spoiler text.

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If you did not know anything about Discord spoilers and the above-mentioned steps went way above your head, then do not worry. In this article, we are going to share everything about Discord spoilers, how to do spoilers on Discord, and How to read spoilers sent by others.

Below is an example of how a text with and without a spoiler tag looks like.

how to do spoilers on discord

How to do spoilers on Discord

If you are a member of any fan club server on Discord, then the Spoiler feature might come in handy. This will prevent you from sending any message that might act as a spoiler for others.

You can quickly use the spoiler tag and cover the message so that other members do not see it right away.

You can read a spoiler text sent by others by just clicking on the black overlay over the text. Click on it again to hide the text.

You can use Discord spoilers on both your computer and your smartphone. We have divided the section to provide guides on both the devices.

Discord Spoilers on PC

There are two ways of sending spoiler texts on the Discord desktop client or the web platform. Refer to the sections below.

Using Spoiler Tag

As you might already know, Discord uses a special markup language for text processing called Markdown. You can use the spoiler tag in Markdown to send a spoiler message.

All you need to do is wrap your text with the pipe (||) character ||like this||. When you hit send, the processor will notice that the message is a Spoiler and will render it accordingly.

Using Discord Interface

Discord also provides an easy to use interface to its users. To make Discord Spoilers quick and easy, Discord provides an option to mark a text as a spoiler.

Right-click on the text that you want to mark as a spoiler. A small menu will appear in front of you. Click on the option that says Mark as Spoiler.
how to do spoilers on discord

Note that this menu will only be available on the Discord Desktop client and not on the web version.

That’s how easy it was to send a Spoiler message on Discord

Discord Spoiler Tag Android

Sending spoiler texts on the Android application is a piece of cake. Just like on PC, there are two ways to send a Spoiler text on Discord.

Using Spoiler Tag

To use the Discord spoiler tag Android, you need to wrap your message with the || character ||Like this||. When you hit send, the message will automatically get converted into a Spoiler text.

Using Discord Interface

Discord also has a clean application interface in the smartphone app. You can easily access the small menu by holding the text message for some time. When the menu appears, simply tap Mark as Spoiler to send the message as a Spoiler.

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Discord Image Spoilers

In addition to text messages, Discord also provides image spoilers. If there is an image that might be a spoiler for some members, you can send it as a spoiler image.

While sending an image on Discord, you get a prompt that has an option of Mark as Spoiler. Simply check that option and hit send.
discord spoiler tags
That’s how you send an image spoiler on Discord.

Wrapping Up

So that was our take on How to do Spoilers on Discord. Discord spoilers are an amazing way of preventing spoilers in a server. Almost anyone can learn how to do spoilers on Discord.

To send a spoiler message on Discord, wrap your text with the pipe (||) character and hit send. Your message will be sent as a Spoiler. This method works on both desktop and smartphone.

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