Discord Screen Share in Server – The Complete Guide

Discord is no doubt the best voice and video chat over the internet platform available. Recently, Discord also released a screen share feature that allows the users to stream their screen on a server. But because of the vast number of features and options, many users can’t figure how to use Discord Screen Share in Server.

To use the Discord Screen Share feature, first, connect to any voice channel in a server. You’ll notice a ‘Go Live’ option adjacent to the ‘Voice Connected’ status. Click on that option, adjust some settings, and stream your screen.

Discord Screen Share feature is amazing if you want to host a meeting or just stream a game on a server. However, a majority of users can’t figure out how to join a Discord live stream. Doing that is easy as well.

If you want to join a live stream on Discord, click on the ‘Live’ option next to any user’s name in a Voice channel. The stream will automatically start after clicking.

If the above-mentioned statements seem a bit daunting to you, do not worry. In this article, we will be sharing various guides on Discord screen share in the server. We will tell you how to host a screen share on Discord, and how to join one. We have mentioned step-by-step guides for both desktop and mobile.

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Discord Screen Share in Server

If you use Discord often, then you must have seen someone live streaming on a Discord server. That feature is known as the Discord Screen Share. This feature allows users to stream their computer screen to the server. Other members can easily connect to the stream and start watching it.

Users can stream their screen in 720p quality. For 1080p, you’ll have to buy the Discord Nitro subscription. 

Coming straight to the point, the section below covers everything related to Screen Share on a Discord server.

How to Screen Share on Discord Server

Here, we have mentioned guides related to hosting live streams on a Discord server. We have divided this section into two parts – one for desktop and the other for mobile.

Discord Screen Share in Voice Channel

If you use the Discord desktop client or the web app and want to start a live stream on a server, then this section is for you. Refer to the below-provided steps in order to host a Livestream on Discord successfully.

  1. Start Discord on your system and login to your account.
  2. Join a voice channel on the server that you want to start your Livestream on.
  3. You’ll see a ‘Go Live’ option adjacent to the ‘Voice Connected’ status. Click on that option.
    discord screen share on server
  4. Select the application window and configure some quality settings.

That’s how easy it was to start a live stream on the Discord server.

Discord Screen Share on Discord Mobile

Sadly, Discord hasn’t released a Screen Share feature on their smartphone apps until now. That means that you can’t host a live stream using the Discord app.

How to Join a Discord Screen Share

This section covers guides related to joining a Discord Screen Share session. 

On Desktop

To join a Discord Screen Share session on the desktop client, follow the steps provided below.

  1. Start Discord on your system and login to your account.
  2. From the left sidebar, select a Discord server.
  3. In the Voice Channel section, you’ll see a ‘Live’ icon next to the user who’s hosting the live stream.
    discord screen share on server
  4. Click on the username to and click on ‘Watch Stream’ to start the Livestream.
    how to screen share on discord mobile

That’s how you join a live streaming session on Discord.

On Mobile

To join a Discord screen share session on the mobile application, follow the steps given below.

  1. Launch Discord and login to your account.
  2. Swipe right and select the server name from the menu.
  3. You’ll notice a ‘Live’ icon next to the user who’s hosting the Livestream.
    discord screen share on server
  4. Join the Voice Channel and tap on the stream.

  5. The screen share will start automatically.

That’s how easy it was to join a Discord Screen Share on mobile.

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Final Words

That was our take on How to Discord Screen Share on the server. In this article, we mentioned some guides on How to host and join Discord screen share on desktop and mobile. Users can host live streams in 720p quality on a server.

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