Airpods Wont Connect to Mac – Permanent Fix

Airpods won’t connect to Mac: Alright, everyone knows that Apple is a leading technology brand with a wide variety of products. It has its own series of smartphones, desktops, portable laptops, and other mobile accessories. Apple has been on the minds of people because of the amazing build quality and flawless performance of its products.

One of its products is Apple Airpods. Airpods are the perfect wireless earphones manufactured by Apple that provide awesome sound quality along with the durable build. The Airpods were primarily built to be compatible with the Apple iPhone, but they can be used on other Apple devices as well.

However, many users face connectivity issues while connecting their Airpods to Mac. The Apple forum has a lot of queries titled “Airpods won’t connect to Mac” which have received a handful of comments.

airpods won't connect to mac

But, no thread provides a failsafe method to fix the “Airpods won’t connect to Mac” issue. Therefore, in this article, we will cover everything related to Airpods connectivity with Mac, and ways to fix the problems if you run into one.

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Airpods won’t connect to Mac

If you have experienced connectivity issues in the past, you may already know that these situations arise due to incompatibility and hardware problems. But, there may be a case where you just need to apply a few tweaks to your setup to get the Airpods working.

airpods won't connect to mac

Are my Airpods broken if they won’t connect to Mac

Many users think that their Airpods are broken if they won’t connect to any device. However, this may not be the scenario here. Thus, two cases can be pointed out.

  1. Your AirPods are broken. And you need to get them fixed or replaced.
  2. Your AirPods are perfectly fine. You just need to fix the issue on your Mac device.

Try implementing the below-given methods to fix “Airpods won’t connect to Mac” issue. At last, if they fail to connect, we recommend taking them to the Apple Store or getting them replaced.

Update your Mac device

The first and the most usual fix one would try is updating their Mac device. Check out which version of macOS your device is using.

To do so, 

  1. Click the Apple logo on the upper left of your screen.
  2. Select “About this Mac“.
    why aren't my airpods connecting to my mac
  3. A popup will provide you your software and Mac details.
  4. Check for updates by clicking on “Software Updates“.
    airpods won't connect to mac
  5. If an update is found, we recommend you to update it as soon as possible.

Charge your AirPods

Your Airpods may cause connectivity issues due to low power. In this case, you need to charge your Airpods by putting them inside the case.airpods won't connect to mac

While charging, the status light on the case will denote the battery percentage of your Airpods. When they are completely charged, the light will turn green.

Connect using Bluetooth

Many users face hurdles while checking for device connectivity. There may be an issue in your Bluetooth settings that is not allowing your Airpods to work normally.

Note that if your Airpods are connected to your iPhone, they will automatically show up in your Mac device provided the two devices are connected to the same iCloud account.

Follow the below mentioned step-by-step guide to connect your Airpods to your Mac via Bluetooth.

  1. On the Menu bar, click on the “Bluetooth” option.
  2. Find your Airpods from the list of available Bluetooth devices.
  3. Select the option that says Airpods.
  4. Click on “Connect“.
    why aren't my airpods connecting to my mac
  5. If the Airpods connect successfully, then you should see the battery percentage of your Airpods.
  6. Click on “Disconnect” to close the connection.

Please keep in mind that while implementing the above-mentioned steps, your AirPods should be 

  • Open i.e. either out of the case or in your ears.
  • Fully charged

Reset your Airpods using Mac

There may be a condition where your Airpods show up in the list of available Bluetooth devices, but they fail to connect. In this case, all you need to do is unpair the Airpods with your Mac and then pair them again.

To reset your AirPods using a Mac device, follow the below-given steps carefully.

  1. Open the System Preferences application.
  2. Head over to Bluetooth.
  3. You should see your Airpods in the list of devices.
  4. Right-click on them, and click Remove.
  5. Then select Forget Device.
  6. Your AirPods will now reset and get disconnected.
  7. To pair them again, keep your Airpods case next to your Mac device. 
  8. Press and Hold the round setup button, located at the back of the case.
  9. The Airpods will now appear in the list of available devices. Click on them and select Connect.
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Manually Reset your Airpods

If you want to manually reset your Airpods without involving a Mac device, you just need to press and hold the Round setup button on the back-side for 10 Seconds. You should see a white flashing light inside the case. 

why aren't my airpods connecting to my mac

Note that your Airpods will get disconnected from all of your devices. You will have to pair them again with the Mac device.

Set your Airpods as the output device

Many users fixed their “Airpods won’t connect to Mac” issue by implementing this method. This is the most common problem that prevents system sound transmission to the Airpods.

Users need to set their Airpods as the output device. You can do this as follows.

  1. Keep in mind that the Airpods should be close to your Mac device.
  2. Turn on Bluetooth on your Mac.
  3. Select System Preferences.
  4. Click on the Sound option.
    airpods won't connect to mac
  5. Click on the Output tab.
  6. Select your AirPods as the output device.

If this method did not fix your problems, then we recommend that you should replace your Airpods or take them to Apple repair shops. If your AirPods are under the replacement window, then you would get a new pair for free. If it’s not, you’ll have to pay a few bucks to get them repaired.

Final words

So, that was our take on the “AirPods won’t connect to Mac” problem. This is a serious issue as users are not able to use their AirPods on a Mac device. It seems that Apple developed the Airpods for iPhone, and all the other devices were a secondary option. 

There are a number of ways by which you can solve this issue. Note that you need to check your device for updates regularly, keep your Airpods charged, and set the Airpods as the output device on your Mac.

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