How To Find What Battery My Laptop Has?

Finding what kind of battery your laptop holds, what is its serial number, can help out in many ways. Ever since technology has been becoming common in our everyday life, laptops have been rising ranks too, with their capabilities and features packed in such a small package, a laptop is the core of every meeting and project.

But sometimes a problem with one of these devices, like a laptop, can become a real nuisance even if the problem is of the smallest significance.

So let us start with today’s guide on how to check the laptop battery model.

How To Find Out What Battery My Laptop Has?

Now if we are trying to find out what battery your laptop is holding, like its manufacturer, serial number, model number, edition, there are multiple methods of doing that. Each being a little different than one another.

Since we are dealing with something hardware-related, the solutions should mostly be on the hardware level too, but sometimes it can be resolved using just the softwares too.

That being said, let us start with our first solution to the problem, how to check what kind of battery my laptop has.

  1.  Back Panel

Now, the battery of almost all the portable devices that we use today is situated on the backside of the device, so is the case in laptops. In laptops, the battery is usually placed right beneath the bottom edge of the screen.

So in our first method, how are we going to find out what type of battery our laptop has? By simply checking it.

To check what sort of battery is placed in the laptop, the procedure will be like this –

  • Turn Off The Laptop

Before checking the battery, we need to make sure our laptop is turned OFF so that no harm is done. So first, shut down the computer.

how to find what battery my laptop has

Once it is turned off, move on to the next step.

  • Remove The Battery

After shutting down the computer, we need to remove its battery to find out information about it embedded on it. To do so, after turning the laptop off, rotate it and turn it upside down flat.  

Then, there is usually a slide-type button that opens the locks by which the battery is connected with the laptop

how to find what battery my laptop has

Now that we have the battery removed safely and in our hands, we can now proceed to further find out details about the battery that we need.

To finally find all the details about the battery that we want to know, like its capacity, battery type for example Li-ion or so, try reading and analyzing the information printed on both sides of the battery.

How To Find What Battery My Laptop Has


This was the first method for finding out what battery the laptop has. Now moving onto more non-hardware methods for doing the same.

  1. Analysis Softwares

On the internet, we can find a tonne of softwares for running analysis and finding out for us via the drivers and information on the computer, what kind of battery and all the information about it like battery usage, battery health and so on.

Moving on to our next step, which is very effective and easy, requiring no third-party applications and no involvement with the hardware of the battery itself.

  1. Using PowerShell

Windows Powershell is a very powerful and effective tool for a lot of our work. One of them will be helpful in finding out what sort of battery is in our laptop.

If you do not know what Windows PowerShell is, don’t worry, for our requirement only goes through the basics layer and doesn’t need us to be thorough with it. So let us find out the third method of finding out information about the battery in our laptop.

To open Windows PowerShell, right-click on the windows icon in the bottom left of your screen, which is in the taskbar, lookup for “Windows Powershell (Admin)” and then click on it.

how to find what battery my laptop has

[You may be asked for a confirmation of permission, click on YES and move ahead]

In the PowerShell app that opens, you need to type this command –

powercfg /batteryreport /output “C:\mybattery.html”

And press Enter. You can also copy and paste the above-given command directly into the CMD-like PowerShell application. 

After this, you will find an HTML document saved in the C Drive of your computer (C because that’s where we defined it to be, you can even change it to any other point) with all the information about your battery,

Since the document is saved as an HTML file, use a web browser to open it.

Once done, you will find all the necessary information about your laptop’s battery inside the file.

In the “Installed Battery” section, you can find information about your battery, as shown below.

how to check battery report of a laptop

  1. Customer Support/Retailer

When nothing works, we can always go back to the source.

Now sometimes despite all the efforts, our methods can fail, for example, the printed information can get smudged. So, what do we do now? Very easy, call on the customer care number of the company of which you have purchased the laptop. You can always find them via google.

Sometimes the shop that you have purchased it from can help you out with the problem too, for example, call them and tell them your customer details and they will know all about your purchases, which laptop and whatnot, and from there onwards, they can tell you about the battery in your laptop since they have all the information of every product they have/sell, probably even those that they do not sell.

This could probably be your best bet in finding out the information, but since it might get a little time-taking, we might consider it in the end as the last resort.


So a little bit ago you might be wondering How To Find What Battery My Laptop Has, now you know exactly how you can find that out without even much of a hassle.

This was our detailed and easy-to-go guide for finding out the battery make and model, and all other details about the battery in our laptops.

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